Cube Pendant Necklace



A stunning and modern accessory. Crafted with high-quality S925 sterling silver, it showcases a captivating cube-shaped pendant. This necklace adds a touch of sophistication and contemporary charm to any outfit. A must-have for those who appreciate unique and eye-catching jewelry pieces.


  • Made of 925 Sterling Silver
  • Green diamond 40+5cm can extend the chain, white diamond 40+5cm can extend the chain
  • Cube Shape

💍925 Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver 925 jewelry for timeless beauty, durability, versatility, and affordability. Hypoallergenic and available in various designs, it’s a valuable investment that complements any style. Embrace quality and elegance with Sterling Silver 925. It’s highly durable and designed for everyday wear.

We only produce top quality 925 sterling silver jewelry, 100% quality assurance, full refund for substandard products.


Customer Reviews (4.56)

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9 reviews for Cube Pendant Necklace

  1. Peyton (verified owner)

    Great selection of products available.

  2. Delilah (verified owner)

    Item arrived in perfect condition.

  3. Claire (verified owner)

    Item arrived just in time for my event.

  4. Eva (verified owner)

    The product is firmly packed.

  5. Savannah (verified owner)

    Item as pictured, no surprises.

  6. Peyton (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, great product!

  7. Grace (verified owner)

    Fantastic customer service, thank you!

  8. Addison (verified owner)

    Quick delivery, no issues.

  9. Hope (verified owner)

    Very pleased with my purchase.

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